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Our Approach

Our Approach

To be able to help sellers and buyers, as well as improve communities is an extremely rewarding experience and a true joy.  Understanding and meeting a client’s individual needs has always been and continues to be the number one priority of Properties by MAP. We pride ourselves on our ability to listen.  Through our performance, service and caring concern for you, we have built an incomparable reputation for excellence that balances both the dream of our customers and value.

Our Story

Our Story

At Properties by MAP, LLC our mission is to establish strong investor relationships built on trust, value and community.  We accomplish this by investing in a variety of real estate assets, both commercial and residential, based on sound research and analysis and a thorough understanding of the markets. 

  • Trust & Integrity. Our integrity is a core value, and we demand it in all we do, and with everyone with whom we work. We know that trust is something we earn every day, and we expect to earn and keep yours. In real estate investing, our team has the experience and depth to make intelligent investment decisions that deliver high value returns. We are determined to seek the best investments that have the most potential to earn impressive returns, while also maintaining and preserving capital.
  • Value. We diversify our investments to include short and long term residential and commercial real estate projects that produce multiple streams of income and stability.
  • Community. We believe that what we do has a lasting impact on neighborhoods and the business community. We are committed to finding investments, projects, and developments that will have a positive impact in all these areas for many generations to come.



Meet the Team

Our team is what makes the difference here at Properties by MAP. We have been partnering with our clients to exceed their expectations in a variety of Real Estate transactions. Every client has different needs, and our team knows that.

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Kimberly Major


Kimberly's experience in Finance, Accounting and Operational management plays an integral part in the success of her real estate investments.

Her mission is improving communities one property at a time.


Patti Hicks


Patti has a broad band of experience around the real estate market, from construction, planning, acquisitions and logistics.

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Mary Ann Avriett


Mary Ann has over 20 years of experience in accounting that includes 13 years of real estate accounting.

It is exciting to revitalize neighborhoods, to solve real estate challenges for our customers and build long-term relationships.